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online as , maureen said www.myfoxdc.com and geico thwestth a wh ite member of our fox 5 team, lindsay murray is two minutes away. back tomorrow at 6, 10 and 11. bye-bye. (mom) for just $9, you can get them shoes from names like danskin now and starter. select eyeglass frames are just $9 at walmart - and they have a 12-month guarantee. juniors' tops from op are $9, too. $9. considering what you get, that's a really great price. back to school costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. [screaming] >> everything you got! every single play! ♪ ♪ >> good evening, welcome to another edition of geico sports extra. i'm lindsay murphy. i will be your host for what is sure to be an eventful show. the nationals try to get a win against one of the skippers former teams and a local golfer fights for the lead at the barclass. >>> right now, it's about the redskins. the team had a lot to prove as they hosted the patriots last night and what was deemed the most important game of the preseaso and despite 15 penalties costing the skins 113 yards, the team walked away feeling good about
and welcome to another rousing edition of geico sports extra. ahead in the show, tiger woods trys to hold on to his lead at the pga championship and the nats with another win. we begin with what else, the burgundy and gold. two days after suffering an embarrassing 23-0 shutout loss, the redskins have been hard at work and preparing for preseason game number 2. game number one didn't go with the plan. the game doesn't count. let's not all push the panic button just yet. after the first loss to the ravens, back to work for the burg aroundy and gold in asho burn. the skins can't muster much offense but 196 total yards. granted, jason campbell didn't have portis or moss at his disposal. next week, the world-champion e eelers come to town th pl the players and compes know it wot be easy. >> when you're down like, that makes you less confident. we have to get it going and i'm excited. it doesn't get easier. we're facing aurguably the best defense in the national football league coming up and baltimore, if they second, it's close. their good football team is coached very well. >> meanwhile in ph
and information 24/7, fox 5 news, we're r of . on hook for u air,nnl r,nlooane or look or us on your phone. geico sports extra is two minutes away. >> have a great night.  >>> get on 95 south to miami, going straight to the super bowl. so let's rock. ♪ [music] ♪ [music] ♪ >>> kibbing things off on the tenth day of training camp. the redskins finally allowed to hit. fan appreciation day itself was a hit. the nationals spring together enough hits to extend the streak. andy roddick sent acers streaking on his way to a berth in the legg mason final. all of that is ahead for the geico sports extra. we begin with the redskins holding the first scrimmage of the summer just five days before the presea an opener in baltimore. clinton porter, santana moss, malcolm kelly, just some of those who did noparticipate. jason campbell was under center, and he completed seven of his first eight passes on the opening drive, which led to a field goal. campbell finished 8 of 12 with a red zone touchdown pass and interception. chase daniels scored the only actual scrimmage touchdown as the defense on
't his fault late in the game. coming up later on geico sports extra, guys will hear from marcus mason. a local guy from montgomery county. last year he led the nfl in rushing in the preseason. but he didn't stick with the team. tonight a good performance that's going to help his chances. all that's coming up with more on "geico sports extra." back to you. >> all right. looking forward to it. thanks. >>> and a tripleheader threatened to create the perfect storm trafficwise anyway. the redskins, dc united, and the nationals were all in action tonight. some fans say they moved their commute times up even earlier in the afternoon in order to avoid the traffic. in the end, fans say the triple threat was not as bad as they thought it would be. >>> hurricane bill downgraded, the storm now a cat 1 as it continues its march north. huge swells from hurricane bill are causing extremely dangerous surf and life-threatening rip currents off the east coast tonight. including our area. coast guard had to be called to rescue a boat near ocean city, for instance. and rescuers arrived there just in time
and all. welcome to another rousing edition of "geico sports extra." ahead the nats go for a win in pittsburgh. dc united back on the pitch in houston. and more history for michael phelps. we begin with burgundy and gold. first day of training camp. the first day the boys broke out the pads. that meant hard-hitting football. sometimes you just want to hit somebody. it didn't take long for some of the chippiness to take place. check it out -- going toe to toe with will montgomeryment yeah. i mean push him town and sit on him. not a bad idea. later, big mike williams, and when mike williams gets into you, de anthony batiste, yeah, readjust the chin strap and helmet. everything okay. everything in place. later, jeremy bridges, rod jackson getting the best of him on the swim move there. you can't get to the next level as a team without a tough training camp in full pads. and chris samuels, we ask you what's the different about wearing those pads. >> it hurts. think that's the biggest difference. everything else is kind of mental. just getting occupy guys. now the banging starts and y
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it for us. if you want information 24-7, fox 5 news is he is he is red ias o.at > >on air, on line, geico sports extraxt with a very red dr. coming your way. cu.esnd pcu
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